About Me

Hi everyone! My name is Fayaz and I'm passionate about affordable energy access and a climate-resilient energy future.

Currently, I am working for Cleanwatts (https://www.cleanwatts.energy/) based in Lisbon, Portugal. My role focuses on supporting the research and product development team in continued efforts to secure Cleanwatts competitive advantage as the OS partner of choice for Energy Communities.

After getting a formal education about sustainable energy technologies and working on diverse projects related to technical, socio-cultural, financial, and political aspects of energy. I am convinced that the transition to sustainable energy is more than just switch off one technology or switch off some types of fuels rather it requires necessary changes in structures, behaviors, laws, and market instruments. Therefore, It is evident that a transition to a sustainable energy future, is not without problems. Numerous questions demand an answer. I want to answer those questions by applying the system-level approach to the energy system in order to understand what is required to realize a climate-resilient energy future. 

If you would like to work together or chat about renewable energy systems, and climate-resilient energy future, or anything at all, send me a message!