• Fayaz Ahmed

Electricity Use and Residential Demand Management

What I learned about residential electricity use from designing and implementing a large-scale field experiment involving real-time appliance level energy feedback for Residential Demand Side Management: ➡️ Adopting sustainable electricity use in households is no less than a herculean task because of the invisible, untouchable, and abstract nature of electricity. ➡️The responses from both pre and post-intervention survey results demonstrated that the majority of the participants tend to under-estimate the electricity use of most of electricity-intensive appliances. ➡️Almost all of the participants in the study agreed that our disaggregated electricity consumption feedback platform has enhanced their awareness of the consumption of individual appliances. ➡️While some participants were willing to take steps and change their electricity use behaviors. Others find themselves completely helpless when it comes to changing their strong unsustainable routines making it harder for them to switch to more sustainable electricity use practices. I strongly believe that significant electricity use reductions are possible when technological advancements are combined with sustainable electricity use behaviors of households.

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