• Fayaz Ahmed

Is the range anxiety of drivers justified given the current Electric Vehicle technology?

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

One of the biggest barriers to the adoption of Electric Vehicles is to meet the range requirements of drivers, a lot of people are deterred to buy an Electric Vehicle because they have something called range anxiety which is the fear that their car would run out of energy without the possibility to recharge.

Is this range anxiety justified given the current Electric Vehicle technology?

To answer this question some researchers at MIT, took the Nissan Leaf model which is considered a low-cost car because its cost is well below the average new car sold in the United States, and also even with today's electricity supply mix Nissan Leaf can save 30% carbon emissions compared to an internal combustion engine car.

These researchers at MIT analyzed large data sets of second by second driving behaviors of millions of cars and people across the road networks in the United States.

They concluded in their research that around 90% of cars on the road could be replaced by the Nissan Leaf and still meet daily energy needs.

This is important because this type of information could help people who want to buy EVs to get over their range anxiety.




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