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Tesla Expanding Use of LFP Batteries as Nickel Supply is Limited

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

The new generation of LFP batteries have proven to be a good choice for lower cost EVs. Very good safety record, good longevity, high discharge rates, lower cost, and eliminates the need for both cobalt & nickel are some of the advantages. It now appears that Tesla will shift some or all standard range vehicles to LFP batteries based on developing nickel shortages. It is conjectured that Tesla will use the available nickel for more demanding applications such as Cybertruck, Semi-truck, Model X and S, Plaid, and the longer-range Models 3 & Y.

Expanding use of LFP batteries in select applications can help drive prices down and accelerate the transition to a more environmentally friendly energy economy.

Below is a recent post with information and comments on Tesla’s tentative plans to use more LFP batteries.


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