• Fayaz Ahmed

Why am I passionate about affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy access for all?

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

I grew up in a very remote village in Pakistan which didn’t have reliable electricity access but then we moved to a nearby city for my education. I was overwhelmed that how just moving a few hundred kilometers away from my village changed drastically the quality of my life and of my family. Now there was no need to collect woods for cooking and I could also study at night because of adequate lighting. These childhood experiences left quite an indelible impression on me, therefore, the provision of affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy access to everyone became part of my mission and vision statement.

Therefore, I have completed the EIT InnoEnergy European M.Sc. Energy Transition Program. This program allowed me to combine technical knowledge of renewable energies with abilities in the management of technology and innovation. After getting a formal education about sustainable energy technologies and working on diverse projects related to technical, socio-cultural, financial, and political aspects of energy. I am convinced that the transition to sustainable energy is more than just switch off one technology or switch off some types of fuels rather it requires necessary changes in structures, behaviors, laws, and market instruments. Therefore, It is evident that a transition to a sustainable energy future, is not without problems. Numerous questions demand an answer. I want to answer those questions by applying the system-level approach to the energy system in order to understand what is required to ensure affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy access for all.

Furthermore, I am also aware that the need to mitigate global climate change and other environmental impacts related to energy use, therefore, in an effort to educate me and others about clean energy transition, I regularly write and engage with energy industry experts on my sustainable energy blog in order to ensure that we are prepared to identify and address the unintended consequences of some approaches to the energy transition, especially for developing countries.

As a young energy leader and sustainable changemaker committed to accelerating the pathway towards smart, affordable, and sustainable energy future, I am looking forward to be the voice of science and reason for the mobilization of global-scale action for ensuring affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy access for all.

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