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Synthesis and Materials Characterization of electrode materials for lithium-ion battery


Got hands-on experience related to synthesis and materials characterization of electrode materials for a lithium-ion battery system while attending my

EIT InnoEnergy European M.Sc. Energy Transition Program. 

Amidst the high expectations, battery storage is still not ready for prime time and there is a need for a structural battery research renaissance to further lower the cost of technology, increase the energy density and improve the lifetime of battery technology.

To put it more concretely, there is a need for the development and application of advanced characterization techniques such as In situ transmission electron microscopy to better understand the battery process and design better battery system.


The Smart Islands Energy System (SMILE) project (European H2020 Program)





Worked as a research assistant on The Smart Islands Energy System (SMILE) project funded by the European H2020 program in Madeira Island.


Designed and implemented a large-scale field experiment involving real-time appliance level energy feedback for Residential Demand Side Management in Madeira Island. Apart from experimental design and evaluation, I also worked as a project manager for an interdisciplinary team.


I also had the opportunity to work closely with an electric utility and gained experience in working with energy experts and large panel data sets.


Carbon Neutrality Project in Switzerland

Acted as a project manager for many large-scale cross-functional projects during my working experience in the headquarters of Philip Morris International based in Switzerland.


To mention one project, I provided technical support to the project management team responsible for identifying the most effective energy solutions in order to achieve Carbon Neutrality in one of PMI's largest production facilities in Europe. I made sure to take into account all the three pillars of sustainability i.e. the economical, environmental, and social aspects while selecting the most effective energy solutions for achieving Carbon Neutrality by using life cycle analysis and other sustainability performance metrics.


Consumer Finance System Innovation for Rural Electrification in Africa 






Participated in and completed Climate-KIC Journey 2020 Summer School program. The Journey is Europe’s largest climate innovation summer school for graduates and young professionals supported by the Europen Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT).


As part of the EIT Climate-KIC Journey Summer School Program, I along with my team prepared a system innovation plan for improving the existing microfinance system for rural electrification purposes by implementing a number of organisational innovations.


Business Case Development for Solar Irradiance Measurement Device






Developed the business case for the deployment of a Solar irradiance measurement device for accurately calculating the payoff period of Solar PV investments.


Also presented the business case and won the FIRST PRIZE in a Business Idea Competition 2018 organized by Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics in Lisbon, Portugal.