FleXunity - Scaling-up Power Flexible Communities business models empowered by Blockchain and AI






The objective of FleXunity project is to deploy novel services for retailers and aggregators, enhanced by Virtual Power Plant (VPP) technology empowered with AI algorithms that can be focused on minimizing the cost of energy (bought in the wholesale market) and optimizing the use of distributed renewables from the utility or community portfolio.


Project Website: https://www.flexunity.eu/


Flexigy - Energy Flexibility Services Platform


The FleXigy project aims to develop an integrated platform for managing the flexibility of distributed energy resources that responds to the needs of the various actors in the energy market value chain.

Project Website: http://flexigy.vps.energy/


GRETA - GReen Energy Transition Actions

GRETA is an H2020 innovation action European demonstration project that aims to investigate what factors are crucial for the emergence of Energy citizenship at the local and national levels.

Project Website: https://projectgreta.eu/


The Smart Islands Energy System (SMILE) project




The Smart Islands Energy System (SMILE) is an H2020 innovation action European demonstration project that developed intelligent control and automation tools for system operators in Madeira Island in order to enable overall better management of the distribution network.


Project Website: https://www.h2020smile.eu/


Climate-KIC Journey 2020 Summer School program.



Participated in and completed Climate-KIC Journey 2020 Summer School program. The Journey is Europe’s largest climate innovation summer school for graduates and young professionals supported by the Europen Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT).